Our Service

We have spent years developing processes and systems that make us incredibly effective at setting appointments. We call your existing clients and schedule appointments for policy review meetings so you can sell more business. Frankly, we are just more efficient and affordable than any other method for scheduling appointments.

As the industry leader, our service is packed with features and benefits not available with any other provider.

Features of our Service

Guaranteed Appointment Packages

Engagex is the only appointment setter that will guarantee the number of appointments to be set for you in a month. Others try, but we deliver.

Caller ID Matching

When we call, your customers will see your office name and number in their caller ID – making us a seamless extension of your agency.

After Hours Calling

The most effective time to reach your customer is when your office is closed. Our team works throughout the day and into the evening to ensure we reach as many clients as possible.

Appointment Reminder Calls

Once an appointment is set with your customer, we make a reminder call the day before to make sure they remember.

Generous No-Show Policy

Even with a confirmed appointment set, sometimes customers don’t show up. We understand. That’s why we’ll replace up to 3 no-shows each month regardless of which package you choose.

English and Spanish

We’ve got a bilingual team. Just indicate which language you would like us to use and we’ll set your appointments accordingly.

No Long-Term Contracts

After 90 days, your Engagex service contract converts to a month-to-month commitment.

Dynamic Agent Portal

From quickly setting your availability on your calendar to pulling robust reports – our agent portal gives you complete control and transparency over your service.

3 Attempts per Customer

We don’t want to overcall. If we are unsuccessful in reaching your customer on the first try, our system will vary the time and day that subsequent calls are made – giving us the best chance of success.

Retention Alert Emails

Our appointment setters are trained to pick up on any dissatisfaction your customer may express about their policies during our call. When they do, our system will send you a retention alert email so you can follow up and save the business.


Important notice
Engagex Appointment Setting Service is designed specifically for calling your current customers. We do not offer non-customer appointment setting or lead prospecting services.

We Use a Team Approach

Some vendors assign a single caller to servicing your account. At Engagex, we take the team approach. Why?

It’s Less Expensive for Customers

Our proprietary software enables us to efficiently spread our volume of calls over hundreds of callers without compromising quality. The result: better value for your agency

Your Account Never Has Any Downtime

With the team approach, we ensure that our company is always working on your behalf. Besides, assigning a single caller leaves you subject to all the problems of handling your calls in house. What if your caller is sick or takes a leave of absence? How about if they are simply a bad caller and struggle to make the dials? In our experience, the team approach is the only way to go.

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Engagex vs. In-House Calling

Features Engagex In-House Calling
After Hours Calling
Team Approach
No Employee
Caller ID Matching
10+ Years Experience
Automatic Reports
Corporate Subsidy Eligible

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