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Package Types

At Engagex, our Policy Review Appointment Setting service is offered in two different package types:

Per Name Package

Our team will call a specified number of customers each month and attempt to set a policy review appointment with each one.

Guaranteed Appointment Package

You tell us how many appointments you would like each month and our team will guarantee to deliver the designated amount.

50 Customer names / Mo 10 Appts / Mo. 15 Appts / Mo. 25 Appts / Mo.
$250 / month $325 / month $475 / month $695 / month
Call until we set a guaranteed # of Appointments
Call # of Customer Names Provided
Caller ID Matching
After Hours Calling
Appointment Reminder Calls
Retention Alert Email Notices
Generous No-Show Policy
English & Spanish Calling
No Long-Term Contracts
Dynamic Agent Portal
Human Support
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Discounted and Subsidized Pricing:

We’ve got agreements with many of the largest P&C carriers in the nation. Talk to an Engagex rep to see if you qualify for discounted or subsidized pricing!

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