Frequent Asked Questions

Names can be sent to Engagex by logging in to the Agent Portal and uploading them using the My Files tab. This will ensure that your names are encrypted and sent to us securely. We do not accept name lists via email or other unsecured means.

As a small business, resources can be stretched. As an agent you know the value of meeting regularly with your customers, but finding time to schedule these important meetings can feel near impossible. That’s where Engagex can help. Engagex acts like an extension to your office, putting in the time and effort needed to keep a constant flow of appointments coming through the door. Often, small offices are those that can benefit the most, because Engagex service cost less than additional office staff and you don’t need to find room for a new desk. All of which leaves you free to do what you do best, selling insurance.

All Engagex services are offered on a subscription basis and are month-to-month. Engagex will even waive your startup fee once you have completed your minimum commitment period. All we ask is that you let us know that you plan to discontinue services by the 15th of your last month of service. If you would like to cancel after the 15th, fees may apply.

To cancel services simply contact customer service at 800.515.8734 (option 2) or by sending an email to [email protected] Please remember that you need to make the request no later than the 15th day of your last month of service, otherwise your service will end the following month or fees may apply.

The appointments that Engagex will schedule for you are for your current policy holders. Most carriers or CRMs offer high propensity lists that you can choose from. Some of the most popular lists are Auto No Home and High Life Propensity.
Other agents choose to make sure that every customer has the opportunity to meet with them and thus go through their business alphabetically. Following this method can prove especially helpful in creating a record of calls to protect you against E and O claims.

Engagex focuses exclusively on scheduling meeting with current policy holders. You should not send lists of people who are not your current customers.

Engagex offers variety of options to help you accomplish your goals. We recommend that you call and speak with a customer service representative to discuss your specific needs and the options available to you. You can reach customer service by calling 800.515.8734 (option 2).

At Engagex we hire an entire team to make calls on your behalf, which helps you avoid the frustrations around having a single caller. Single callers might be sick, on vacation, have limited schedules or not connect well to your customers. The team approach used by Engagex helps you to avoid these challenges.
Most of our callers are students at one of the two nearby universities. This means we have access to lots of bright and articulate callers who are energetic and happy to be speaking with your customers. Each of them is trained to make these specific calls with the goal of creating positive interactions on your behalf, even if they don’t schedule an appointment.

You can enroll by following one of these links:
But we recommend that you call an enrollment specialist who can help you identify any special pricing or subsidies that you may qualify for. You can reach a specialist by calling 800.515.8734 (option 1)

Engagex makes millions of policy review appointment calls each year and through that experience has developed a script that works well. As such, the script can not be changed or altered except for clarifying who the customer will meet with (agent or staff members), where the meeting will be held and the directions to your office.

To guarantee the number of appointments that we will set for you we will need enough names, sufficient availability on your calendar and plenty time to set your appointments. Specifically, this means:
Names: You will need to ensure we have 10 times the number of names for each guaranteed appointment. For example, if you have 10 guaranteed appointments then you will need to make sure we have 100 names each month. On average, we only need 4 – 6 of those names to schedule the appointment, so unused names can be used in the following month.
Availability: You must provide us with available times equal to the number of guaranteed appointments each month. This means that for us to guarantee 20 appointments you will need to provide no less than 20 available appointment times on your calendar. Customers really appreciate having more options for meeting times. It is also a good idea to have one day a week where you are open later to accommodate those that can not make it during regular business hours
Timing: Names need to be sent to use no later than the 10th of the month. This will give us the required time to contact your customers and get them scheduled.

Each month of service is billed to your credit card on the 1st of that month.

Engagex partners with many carriers to offer reduced and/or subsidized pricing. The best way to know what special offers you may qualify for is to call an enrollment specialist at 800.515.8734 (option 1).

Engagex offers services as a subscription service, which means that even if you don’t send names you will still be billed. No credit or refunds are provided if you choose not to send names. If you need to cancel or temporarily suspend your service please contact a customer service representative at 800.515.8734 (option 2), we would be happy to help fulfill that request.

Engagex makes calls between the hours of 10AM and 7PM, local time. Each attempt to reach a customer will be made during a different time of the day (morning, afternoon or evening) to increase the chances of reaching them when they are available.

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