Our Appointment Setters

Our callers are among the best in the industry and are the key to our success. Their style and personality are a perfect fit to represent any insurance agency when setting up appointments. In fact, many of our customers tell us that they would hire our employees if they could!

With space for hundreds of appointment setters and technology that is unparalleled, our processes and people provide us with the capacity to meet nearly any demand.

Where do we find such great people?

Engagex is located in the shadow of 2 major universities where many of our appointment setters attend school. These students are bright, articulate, and are the backbone of our business model. Their employment at Engagex offers them tremendous flexibility in a wonderful part-time work environment – while their shorter shifts provide us with energetic voice quality and an ability to scale to demand.

We Use a Team Approach

Some vendors assign a single caller to servicing your account. At Engagex, we take the team approach. Why?

It’s Less Expensive for Customers

Our proprietary software enables us to efficiently spread our volume of calls over hundreds of callers without compromising quality. The result: better value for your agency

Your Account Never Has Any Downtime

With the team approach, we ensure that our company is always working on your behalf. Besides, assigning a single caller leaves you subject to all the problems of handling your calls in house. What if your caller is sick or takes a leave of absence? How about if they are simply a bad caller and struggle to make the dials? In our experience, the team approach is the only way to go.

Meet Our Appointment Setters

Listen to an appointment being set

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