Policy Review Appointment Setting
For Insurance Agents

As an agent, you’ll write more policies and retain more business by conducting Policy Review Meetings with your customers.
At Engagex, we set up those meetings for you.

It’s a niche…and we love it!

No doubt about it, setting appointments for policy review meetings is an industry niche. the hardest part about implementing a policy review system in your agency is getting your customers in front of you. We set hundreds of thousands of appointments each year for agents and our results speak for themselves.

Our Appointment Setting Service

With over a decade of experience, our process and technology are the best in the industry. We have packages and pricing to meet any agency’s budget and our ongoing support can’t be beat.

Simply put, we make it easy, seamless, and cost effective for you to grow your agency by giving you selling opportunities with your customers.

Our Simple Appointment Setting Process:

  1. Select an Engagex package
  2. Set available times in the calendar of our agent portal
  3. Upload your client list
  4. Get appointments and meet with your customers
  • Caller ID Matching
  • After Hours Calling
  • Appointment Reminder Calls
  • English and Spanish Callers
  • No Long-term Contracts

Discounted and Subsidized Pricing:

We’ve got agreements with many of the largest P&C carriers in the nation. Talk to an Engagex rep to see if you qualify for discounted or subsidized pricing!

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Agent Portal Features

The Engagex Agent Portal is a dynamic tool that allows agents to manage every element of their appointment setting service. From quickly adjusting available meeting times to pulling comprehensive reports, everything about our portal is designed to make working with Engagex as easy and transparent as possible.

  • Agent Dashboard

    Keep track of how many appointments we’ve set and how many names are left to call.
  • Agency Management Tools

    Manage everything from calendar availability to deciding which staff member will be meeting with your customer.
  • Comprehensive Reporting

    From a quick glance to a deep dive, our reporting tool allows for you to see every interaction we make with your clients.
  • Easy List Upload

    Uploading a file has never been easier. Simply drag and drop your list of customers into the portal and we’ll handle the rest.

Don’t have a process for Policy Reviews in your agency? No Problem!

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